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Leesa A. Wheeler ~ Career Coach & Hiring and Retention Coach
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Recommended Products and Tools
​Self-Awareness is the Key to Professional Growth...

Here are our favorite tools in determining your strengths, understanding your Leadership Competencies and Emotional Intelligence, and discovering how you are wired to solve problems.  We will review your results with you and that is when coaching begins...

The Assessment

The Harrison Assessment is an exceptional, highly reliable and validated tool for starting, changing, or developing your career. The online assessment, which takes less than 30 minutes to complete, measures 175 factors including your task preferences, motivations, work environment preferences, interests, and interpersonal preferences. The data collected is used to generate a multitude of reports that are valuable to career planning and professional development. Harrison Assessments™ has been used for over 24 years worldwide and is currently available in 29 languages.  Begin here to complete your assessement...

The Theory

There are two central theories that are integrated into the Harrison system.

The Enjoyment-Performance Theory affirms that we tend to engage in activities that bring us enjoyment and avoid activities that bring us displeasure. Individuals have a tendency to do things more frequently when we enjoy them and as a result we tend to get better at them as well. If our performance improves so will our desire to engage in these activities. Therefore, performance and enjoyment are related; performance is closely linked to the level of interest and enjoyment of an activity.

The Paradox Theory truly differentiates the Harrison Assessment™ from all of the assessment tools. According to this theory, an individual can possess and demonstrate seemingly contradictory traits simultaneously. By measuring 12 universal paradoxes, which take the form as gentle (passive) and dynamic (aggressive) traits, we can describe various levels of balance and imbalance enabling us to more accurately predict behavior.

The Reliability & Validity

Using our advanced cross-referencing technologies that make over 8,000 comparisons, it provides the equivalent amount of information of 2,700 multiple choice questions. Our SmartQuestionnaire™ prevents deception because it contains only positive statements that are ranked according to what the individual enjoys the most. Our built-in lie prevention system automatically detects even the slightest attempt to manipulate the results.  

Choose your path of self discovery...

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What's your MO? How are you wired to solve problems? Everyone has an inborn, instinctive style of action. Are you a Quick Start, a Fact Finder, an Implementor, or a Follow Thru? Take the Kolbe A ™ Index today to discover your instinctive winning style!

Want to ...
Discover the Perfect Fit for Your Conative Capabilities and Where You're Apt to Succeed?
Be Free to Be Yourself?
Be valued for the way you contribute?
Be rewarded for what you love doing?
Be energized by working in your own way?
Be able to avoid getting stuck in the wrong rut?
Be able to work with less stress?
Be aware of a multitude of options?

-Take the Kolbe A ™ Index 
-Click on the Assessments Tab
-Click on 

​Take the OPgig Assessment and You Will...
-Select from wise decisions for your conative capabilities.
-Click to currently available jobs in those careers.
-See your odds of success in 1,200+ possibilities.
-Receive Instant results after just a seven-minute survey.

Contact me and I'll help you understand your results!
Thanks in advance!


Get a concrete, accurate description of who you are and why you do things the way you do, for free.  Visit 16 Personalities today!


                             Workforce Loyalty

Engage Your Workforce Today to Retain them Tomorrow!

Why Loyalty Matters...
  • The average business pays 150-200% of a worker’s salary to replace that worker. (Saratoga Institute Study)
  • New employees decide within the first 30 days whether they feel welcome in the organization. (SHRM)
  • Over half of new hires look at new jobs within 91 days of being hired. (SHRM)
  • Over two thirds of the American workforce are either “not engaged” or are “actively disengaged” (Gallup Poll)

Surveys of IT Professionals Indicate...
  • 81% are actively looking for new opportunities
  • 71% have applied for a new job
  • 41% are less loyal now than they were the year before

Workforce Loyalty has created a workforce engagement and loyalty application for staffing companies. Workforce Loyalty’s myStatusfy™ application is the solution for Candidate Care. myStatusfy™ allows staffing companies to continuously and effectively communicate with consultants outside of email. Through myStatusfy™, consultants can be linked to recruiters, sales, the back office or anyone in the organization. Staffing companies are able to identify problems early, improve relations, increase retention and ultimately, reduce costs associated with consultant turnover.  Our mission is to provide high quality, low maintenance applications that allow for seamless communication between staffing companies and their consultants to increase loyalty and retention. We create products that help staffing companies improve quality and reward their consultants.

                                                                    Introducing ...                                     

                                                                    The first app of its kind, designed specifically for Staffing Companies to communicate with their                                                                     consultants using new technologies and decreasing email.

                                                                    Technology enables easy access to your consultants in the field

                                                                    Receive status updates, leads, referrals and other important information real-time

                                                                    No need for a company email

                                                                    Your consultant is just a myLink away

Call and Request a Demo Today!  



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