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Leesa A. Wheeler ~ Career, Health, Hiring and Retention Coach
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Live Well... Lifestyle Solutions for a Happy Healthy You! 
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ATLANTA -  In a world where people seek solutions for balance, happiness and excellent health, “Live Well: Lifestyle Solutions for A Happy Healthy You!” emerges to meet their healthy lifestyle needs. Leesa Wheeler, who delighted poetry lovers with her debut collection, Melodies From Within, learned from her life experiences that it is through simple acts that one can have the greatest impact. Because of these experiences, she is convinced that one’s health is the product of the hundreds of seemingly small choices one makes every day.

The powerful, yet simple solutions found in “Live Well” were born from the author’s own struggle to live well in spite of the challenges she faced. On the pages of this book, Leesa shares with you what she discovered on her own quest as tragedy turned to triumph. As she climbed from the trenches, she realized the lifelong lesson that physical, spiritual, emotional, relational, and mental health is found along one’s journey not just at their destination.

In “Live Well” readers will find practical lifestyle solutions for increased health and decreased dis-ease. Throughout the book the central message rings clear: “What you eat, what products you use on your body and in your home, how you talk to yourself – it all matters!"

Praise for "Live Well":

​“Do not be deluded by the apparent simplicity of this treatise. It is filled with common sense and practical advice we may all benefit from…. It is clear that many products of nature that surround us have a remarkable ability to enhance our health and lives. Let us never doubt the ability of the individual observer to share the benefits of those seemingly simple and natural methods to heal, cure and enhance our lives.”
-Daniel L. Barrow, M.D.
MBNA-Bowman Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery
Emory University School of Medicine

“Leesa Wheeler has done an outstanding job at helping us to understand the relationship and the importance of having a balanced diet as well as a balanced lifestyle.”
  -Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D.
International Speaker and President, Personality Insights

“In a world so full of processed foods, chemicals, hormones, artificial sweeteners and dyes, Leesa, truly gets it.”
-Dr. David Friedman, D.C., N.D.
CEO Chews4Health International

“This book is simply marvelous and should be at everyone’s kitchen table, inside the fridge, in their car, and attached to their wallet! Whenever the current of like takes you away from the truth, Leesa’s words will bring you back to a better path.” 
-Donald W. Barden
International Consultant and Speaker, and author of “The Perfect Plan”

As a Healthy Lifestyle Coach with an emphasis on allergies and wellness, Leesa Wheeler teaches her clients to make informed choices and enables them to make needed changes for a happy healthy life.  

Information on the products and services Wheeler recommends in “Live Well” can be found at www.HealthyHighway.org.

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Melodies From Within: a collection in verse
Available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble

ATLANTA - A Book Full of Miracles
Author Presents Poetic Collection of Moments to Savor 

In the wake of life’s most crushing blows, the sun still rises, nature still dazzles and loved ones still wait, eager to comfort and heal. In her new book, Melodies From Within: a collection in verse, Leesa A. Wheeler radiantly portrays these magical moments and illustrates how they can transform tragedy into powerful lessons from which to grow.

A veritable miracle, Melodies From Within was written after Wheeler endured her own tragedy. On her 37th birthday, she suffered a brain hemorrhage that left her unable to talk, read or write. But the need to express is a powerful force. Wheeler overcame her physical limitations and eventually filled the promise of a blank page with the beauty her soul never stopped observing in the world around her.

“The poems in this collection are a compilation of my life experiences,” Wheeler writes. “During my life, I’ve found my most memorable moments have been blessings discovered from facing challenges.” From the joy of turning seasons to the people and times that call for deep contemplation and thankfulness, each piece delves deep into intriguing topics that invite and inspire.

The following poem, “Awakening,” illustrates Wheeler’s style...
Sunrays stream light and warmth to all it touches 
Squirrels scurry in a game of chase
New life springs forth after slumber
Dew dances on grass blades as diamonds glitter
Gray mist envelopes the surroundings like a babe in a blanket
Tears of joy fall to refresh and quench life’s thirst
Tree limbs outstretched toward Heaven
 Gnarled and twisted, yet peaceful and serene
 A robin sings to babes in her nest
 Water gently rolls and splashes over rocks in its path
 On its way to a final destination.

A refreshing, inspiring experience for all poetry lovers, Melodies From Within releases an irrepressible song of joy from one woman’s soul. 

"Leesa is creative, responsive and insightful. Her ideas toward career coaching are on point and clear. Additionally, Leesa is an open and an effective communicator. She can make a difference for those seeking recruiting advice and career direction." DB

"~ career [kuh-reer] noun.
1) an occupation or profession, especially one requiring special training, followed as one's lifework.
2) a person's progress or general course of action through life or through a phase of life, as in some profession or undertaking.

~ life [lahyf] noun. 
1) the force that makes or keeps something alive; the vivifying or quickening principle.
2) the course of existence or sum of experiences and actions that constitute a person's existence.
~ coach [kohch] verb (used with object)
1) to give instruction or advice to in the capacity of a coach; instruct & lead.

These definitions and more are what Leesa is as a professional but more to the point, as a person. She is insightful and pro active as she is unwavering and tenacious. It's truly impossible for me to convey exactly how many different ways Leesa's heart felt energy has given me such aspiration to believe and rediscover myself again. 

However, what I can convey, without hesitation, is I would recommend her as a Career & Healthy Living Coach for anyone looking to make the most positive changes in their personal or professional lives. She will always think outside the box with your end goal firmly in mind. And she will do it style, passion as well as uncompromising conviction." PW

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